Diocese Of Central Buganda

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The Anglican Diocese of Central Buganda consists of 32 parishes with almost 240 congregational churches. It is located in a rural area with poor infrastructure – with no running water, no electricity in most homes, and with poor roads. People survive on peasant farming, and because most people do not have well paying jobs, churches are not able to run to their full potential due to not having the financial support a church needs to run administrative tasks and pay a staff. This is a critical threat to not only people in the local regions but the entire mission of spreading the Gospel.

As “Ambassadors for Christ,” the Diocese of Central Buganda is petitioning people from all over the world to join with us in raising support for our mission to the people in this impoverished part of the world. The Diocese has various ministries within the church that target the spiritual needs of specific groups. These groups include not only women, youth and children, but also thousands of widows and orphans who have been created in Uganda by persistent wars and the AIDs scourge! Find out how you can get involved and make a difference in the world.

The Diocese with its well organized parishes and leadership are already in place, poised and ready to continue their work in the Lord and dispense the good news of Jesus Christ, but they need your help. And, while most of the support needed is financial, volunteer support from other people and churches, and para-church organizations is needed as well. The Diocese needs people who can teach and disciple Believers, and who can help with Christian education in the schools, teach Sunday School, women’s work, etc. As you can see, there are many ways you can get involved.