Diocese Of Central Buganda

Making Donations

Donations of various kind are desperately welcome in the diocese starting with material items, eg, Clothing, Beddings, Office Computers and equipments, Motor Vehicles, Motor Cycles, Music Instruments, etc.

If you would like to assist us financially, please use the following directions to be able to send the money by electronic wiring into our account in Kampala.

  • Bank: Nile Bank
  • Title: Central Buganda Diocese I.C.B.D
  • Account Number: 0412516001
    Nile Bank; 22 Jinja Road Branch - Kampala
  • Citi Bank NA
    111 Wallstreet
    New York, NY 10043
  • Routing Code: 021000089
  • Swift Code: NEBAUGKA
  • Nile Bank Account Number: 36060881
  • For further credit of beneficiary account number: 0412516001