Diocese Of Central Buganda


Pastors and Parishes in the Diocese

The diocese is composed of 32 Parishes and almost 240 congregations.

A parish, normally under a “parish priest”, comprises of outstations or a cluster of congregations ranging from 5 to 15, depending on the geographical location of each parish. Congregations range in members from 100 to 300 and are placed under the spiritual care of a catechist or lay reader.

In order for a "Parish" to be established, the congregations in that location must demonstrate the capacity to meet the financial requirements of that parish, which include taking care of their pastor’s salary and their catechists, and taking care of the parish needs as they arise while also giving financial support to the Diocese.

Congregations have been highly commended for the efforts they have put in erecting very modest church building (as you can see in the pictures) where they worship God.

Unfortunately, many churches/parishes that were established in the diocese only met their financial obligations during the early years of their inception. Due to rampant poverty in the community and economic decline in the whole nation, many parishes today can’t pay even their pastor’s “stipendiary.”

Pastor’s salaries in the diocese range between $150 and $250 U.S dollars per month. Most parish budgets range between $1000 to 1500 U.S dollars, per month, to meet their needs which include pastor’s salary, paying catechists, supporting the diocese, plus other parish administrative costs. Unfortunately, no single parish can raise this amount of money on a regular basis every month.

As you can see, $15,000 U.S dollars will run a parish in this diocese for an entire year with everything well-catered for. The diocese is therefore appealing to well-wishers who can support any of their parishes on a monthly basis.



1. KASAKA Archdeaconary.

Headquarter: St. John’s Cathedral, Kasaka.

Dean – The Very Rev. Kezlon K. Semanda (Tel. 011-256-772-698161 or ++ 782-173626)

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P.O. Box 1200
Kanoni – Mpigi

PARISHES in this Archdeaconary

  • Kasaka Parish
  • Nsambwe Parish
  • Buzibazzi Parish
  • Bugobango Parish


2. MPIGI Archdeaconary.

Headquarter: St. Luke’s, Mbale – Mpigi

Archdeacon – The Ven. Mugula (Tel.)

P.O. Box

PARISHES in this Archdeaconary

  • Mbale/Mpigi Parish
  • Galatiya Parish
  • Mabuye/Katende Parish
  • Lwanga Parish
  • Kammengo Parish
  • Buwere Parish
  • Nabusanke Parish
  • Njeru Parish
  • Bujjo Parish
  • Bulamu Parish


3. KAGGULWE Archdeaconary.

Headquarter: St. Thomas Church, Kaggulwe

Archdeacon – The Ven.Canon John Sekakozi (Tel.011-256-772-635520 Cell.)

P.O. Box
Kaggulwe – Mpigi

PARISHES in this Archdeaconary

  • Kaggulwe Parish
  • Kibibi Parish
  • Kayenje Parish
  • Lugala Parish
  • Kiwawu Parish
  • Lugo Parish


4. MADDU Archdeaconary.

Headquarter: St. Paul’s Church, Maddu.

Archdeacon – The Ven.Canon Edward Namanya (Tel.011-256-782-768796 Cell.)

P.O. Box 1200
Maddu – Gomba

PARISHES in this Archdeaconary

  • Maddu Parish
  • Kyayi Parish
  • Lubaale Parish
  • Bukandula Parish
  • Lugaaga Parish


5. MPENJA Archdeaconary.

Headquarter: St. Peter’s, Mpenja

Archdeacon – The Ven. John Martin Kiwanuka Sekajja (Tel.011-256-772-472845 Cell.)

P.O. Box 1200
Mpenja (Mpigi)

PARISHES in this Archdeaconary

  • Mayungwe Parish
  • Mpenja Parish
  • Kanziira Parish
  • Nswanjere Parish
  • Nawango Parish
  • Ndoddo Parish
  • Bujubi Parish