Diocese Of Central Buganda

How to Support

1. Spiritual Support

New Covenant team teaches worshipThis diocese, like the rest of the country, has experienced moral decay. Uganda has gone through 25 years of turbulent history, characterized by military rule and political dictatorship. People’s moral fiber broke down, the economy was ruined, and the good education system crumbled. The situation culminated in the killing of the Archbishop of Uganda in cold blood by Idi Amin in 1977. People lost faith in God, and resorted to State-inspired acts of lawlessness, alcoholism, sexual immorality, and all sorts of evils. But Uganda has a government today, which allows freedom of worship and expression. Like the man of Macedonia who appealed to Paul for help, we also want to appeal to churches, para-church organizations, and mission agencies at home and abroad, “to come over and help us” Acts 16: 6 – 10.

Our needs are as follows:

  • People who can help with Teaching and Discipleship of Believers
  • People to help with Christian Education in Schools
  • Sunday School Teachers and Trainers

Bishop Jackson meeting U.S. visitors And due to low-level theological training, many pastors and catechists need more training in the areas of :worship, stewardship, counseling, and in church and public administration.

Some pastors need scholarship assistance to pursue more advanced training abroad, and since many have never traveled anywhere outside their own culture, they need churches that can invite them for short term visits so that they gain cross-cultural experiences. Through these exchange visits, many parishes and churches will be enriched by pastors getting a broad perspective to ministry which will widen their pastoral knowledge and experiences.

2. Helping with the Pastor's Stipendary

As already stated above, the average pastor’s salary in the diocese should be ( $200 U.S dollars) per month, but no parish can raise this. Many pastors are at the mercy of God since they go for several months without pay. And, although rural pastors have land where they can grow their own food, but they do need more than food to survive.

They struggle a lot to raise money for their children to school and to treat them in hospital when they are sick. Many pastors find it hard to fulfill their pastoral duties as they should, because instead of spending most of their time on church work they spend it struggling for their families. And this has been the root cause of pastoral problems and conflicts, in many parishes.

You will help a lot by supporting even one pastor in the whole diocese. Or you will support a lot by contributing to any parish whose budgets range between $500 to $1000 U.S dollars every month. This money will support with the pastor’s salary, paying catechists, parish running expenses, and parish support to the diocese.

3. Helping the Bishop & Administrative Staff

Bishop Jackson meeting U.S. visitors The Office administration operates well at an annual budget of $35,000 U.S dollars. This helps to meet office expenses, run bishop’s car, staff travels, staff salaries, heads of departments, and support to the Province. Diocesan office is normally supported with money from the parishes.

Find out how you can make a donation.

Unfortunately, very little comes from the parishes. Any support toward the diocesan office will help the bishop and staff to execute diocesan activities. The bishop has a car that helps him travel around as he executes diocesan activities. However, its getting old and a new and more durable 4-wheel drive that can traverse the slippery roads in his diocese is needed.

Also there is need for a van or truck which the rest of the diocesan staff can also use as they execute diocesan work. Motorcycles can also help a lot especially with going to remote places where the car cannot go.

Recently, the bishop started planting a 20-acre plantation of Eucalyptus Trees (used for building) which the diocese can sell to raise money for the office. Because of the good land we have around the cathedral, the diocese wants to expand this Eucalyptus Forest and plant a Banana Plantation as well. Banana Plantain is the staple food in Uganda and it is on high demand.

If they are well funded, these two projects can generate not only money for supporting the office but also for supporting the retired pastors who do not have retirement benefits. Expansion of this project requires almost $5000 U.S dollars. We ask anyone of goodwill to help the diocese in this venture.

4. Access to Information

Bishop Jackson meeting U.S. visitorsDue to its rural location, most churches in the diocese have not yet been brought into the information age. Many people don’t know what is going on not only in their own country but also within their own diocese. There is no information flow from parishes to parishes, and from diocese to the parishes and so forth.

During the early years of the diocese, a Diocesan Newsletter was started but it lacked money to sustain it. Under this venture, we want to resume this magazine or newsletter so that it is published and distributed every 2 or 3 months to the whole diocese. It will also be an avenue, not only for sensitizing and educating people in the diocese, but also for informing our friends and partners both at home and abroad of what is going on in the diocese. We need financial support on meeting our printing and distribution costs during the initial stages.